ABM Certification & Training

Independent ABM Certification with CPD awards for an innovative range of ABM Training Courses. Providing online capability development in ABM supported by tools, templates and expert practitioners.

ABM Certification & Training Courses

We provide independent ABM Certification & Training to help your commercial teams to develop their capability and add real value to your business. Our innovative Account Based Marketing Training courses are now available as e-learning programmes with coaching support. These training courses combine learning content, practical activities to apply the learning and supporting tools/templates. As a result, our approach ensures that Account Based Marketing programmes can be implemented by organisations of all sizes.

Account Based Marketing was developed in large enterprises. However subsequent developments in technology platforms  and scalability of the approach now makes this possible for smaller businesses. ABM is particularly suitable for businesses with high value products/services targeting large organisations with high customer lifetime values. The Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing has incorporated guidance within this training Course for SMEs to apply ABM to their target markets.

Guided learning hours


Total qualification time

41 hours

Account Based Marketing Training courses are uniquely available as supported e-learning training programmes. As a result, we enable you to understand the core concepts of ABM. Moreover, our training courses are supported by tools and templates to help you develop your ABM Programme for your business with expert coaching support.

ABM Certification & Training Course Options

Select the links below to find out more about the four different options for our interactive ABM training courses:

Introduction to Account Based Marketing ABM

This short e-learning course explains what is Account Based Marketing and what it involves to help you determine if it may be a suitable strategy for your organisation.

Account Based Marketing for B2B – Essential

This e-learning training course includes all the essential elements you need to understand Account Based Marketing and use a valuable ABM Planning Toolkit to develop your ABM programme for your organisation.
41 Hours CPD Accreditation.

Account Based Marketing for B2B – Excel

This e-learning training course provides learners with an additional 3 one-to-one online coaching sessions to support the learning experience and the development of a credible ABM programme.
41 Hours CPD Accreditation.

Account Based Marketing for B2B – Excel

This e-learning training course provides 7 one-to-one online coaching sessions that ensures the development of quality deliverables and an independently validated competency in Account Based Marketing.
41 Hours CPD Accreditation.

ABM Training course author

The content of these ABM Training Courses has been authored by Ray Clarke, a highly experienced strategic marketing professional. Ray has 25 years of experience in the B2B industry, working in senior management roles in client and agency side. As a strategic marketing consultant, he has advised on and developed Account Based Marketing programmes for organisations of all sizes. Including businesses from a variety of industry sectors, across the UK and Europe. As a result, this wealth of experience has culminated in high quality programme content in a practical, outcome focused programme. The course has been peer-reviewed by senior consultants. This panel of experts has both client side and agency side experience working with SMEs and large multinational enterprises.