Account Based Marketing Essential Course

An innovative B2B Account Based Marketing Online Course providing online capability development in ABM supported by tools, templates and expert practitioners.

The Complete B2B Account Based Marketing Course – ABM Essential

This Account Based Marketing Online Course is now available as an e-learning programme so you can learn Account Based Marketing at a pace that suits you anytime and anywhere. The Complete B2B Account Based Marketing (ABM) programme includes all the essential elements you need to gain an understanding of ABM and apply the knowledge to develop your ABM programme for your organisation. It provides you with a structured approach supported by tools, templates, case studies and learning assessments that enable you to develop your ABM programme. The course will help you to produce an action plan with an ABM governance framework to ensure the ABM programme is effectively executed.

The Account Based Marketing Online Course structure requires you to commit your time and effort to learn about a different and more focused approach to B2B marketing. ABM has been proven to increase the alignment of sales and marketing within the business and increase the return on investment of sales and marketing activities. As you work through each module on the programme you will undertake specific activities, using the templates provided to plan your ABM programme. By the end of your course you will understand all of the key elements of ABM, have tailored your approach to your business and be in a position to implement your ABM programme in your target market.



Guided Learning hours



* We reserve the right to limit availability of this offer at any time.*

If you believe that you have a good understanding of business marketing and you can meet the demands of this programme as a learner, you will find this Account Based Marketing Online Course – ABM Essential suitable for you.

However if you think you would value some tailored coaching support to discuss aspects of the knowledge gained, clarify some key concepts, discuss your ideas for your business strategy, review your strategic plan and receive a certificate of achievement/competency, you may need to consider either the Excel or Elite programme which offers different levels of dedicated coaching support.

We would recommend that you choose the programme that supports your learning style, the level of support you may need and the quality of output the business needs from this programme.

Learning Objectives:

Our e-learning programmes include templates and toolkits you will use during the programme as part of the structured activities. As a result our programmes have been optimised for desktop and laptop use. The content has been tested to operate on iOS and Android devices, although we do not recommend this option for undertaking the learning programme.

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course content author

The content of this Account Based Marketing Online Course has been authored by Ray Clarke, a highly experienced strategic marketing professional. Ray has 25 years of experience in the B2B industry, working in senior management roles in client and agency side. As a strategic marketing consultant, he has advised on and developed Account Based Marketing programmes for organisations of all sizes. Including businesses from a variety of industry sectors, across the UK and Europe. As a result, this wealth of experience has culminated in high quality programme content in a practical, outcome focused programme. The course has been peer-reviewed by senior consultants. This panel of experts has both client side and agency side experience working with SMEs and large multinational enterprises.