e-learning training courses that help you to develop competent B2B marketers who deliver excellent business results

Transforming learning experience by delivering e-learning programmes with one-to-one coaching support, focused on producing credible outcomes that are valuable to the company and help you achieve your business objectives

Addressing the skills and competency gap in B2B Marketing

One of the key issues for the B2B industry is that academia is not producing B2B marketers who can come into the business and start adding value. There is typically a long learning curve in adapting to the world of B2B marketing.

A lot of the consumer marketing principles simply don’t work in a B2B environment, particularly for businesses with high value complex sales environments. Many of the existing e-learning and traditional short training courses are theoretical and instructional in nature and are not delivering the learning outcomes and impact that businesses in B2B markets need. This poses a major issue for companies looking to hire and/or train B2B marketing professionals. As a result there is a significant skills and competency gap in B2B marketing industry.

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The Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing aims to address these issues for companies by delivering practical e-learning programmes that assess the knowledge gained by professionals, provide practical application of the learning to business and produce specific valuable business deliverables. These programmes have been designed by highly experienced practicing B2B marketing professionals to bridge the skills and competency gap in B2B marketing

What is in it for you as a Business?

Our e-learning programmes with 1-to-1 online coaching support will enable you to…

Develop competent marketing teams

Develop a competent and knowledgeable B2B marketing team that can successfully achieve business results and meet marketing KPIs

Accelerate the learning curve in B2B

Accelerate the learning curve in B2B marketing and facilitate the transition from B2C into B2B, by bridging the skills and competency gap

Achieve real business outcomes from training

Gain practical business outcomes with defined deliverables at the end of the training to maximise value from your investment

Attribute learning to PDP plans with evidence

Attribute learning outcomes to the Personal Development Plans (PDP) of team members and measure their progress and improvement

Improve the quality of marketing results

Improve the quality of marketing deliverables and strategic contributions from your marketing team to make a real impact on the business

What makes our B2B e-learning programmes innovative?

We have invested heavily in developing e-learning programmes that use best practice learning methodologies with interactive learning content. Each course is structured to reinforce learning with relevant real-world B2B examples and practical exercises that enable learners to apply the learning to their own business situation. Our courses provide access to expert practitioners in industry to provide learners with a live supportive learning environment. All of this has been combined into the latest technology in learning management.

Structured e-learning programmes reinforce learning

Assessments measure knowledge
gained & applied

Activities develop competency & deliver outcomes

How is the Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing different?

The Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing offers you an innovative approach to learning, with highly structured programmes that reinforce learning, assessments to measure knowledge applied and practical activities to transform knowledge gained into competency.

Programmes developed by experienced industry experts

Offering specialist B2B marketing programmes that are developed by experienced industry experts for aspiring professionals (programmes are not academic in nature).

Training by Industry Experts
Outcome based Training

Practical programmes focused on delivering credible outcomes

Delivering programmes that are practical and focused on producing good quality and credible outcomes that can be implemented in the business.

Blended learning experience with 1-to-1 online coaching

Delivering e-learning with 1-to-1 online coaching support provided by experienced B2B marketing practitioners to give a blended learning experience and help in developing better quality deliverables.

Training with coaching support
Training to suit busy professionals

Flexible learning approach for busy ambitious professionals

Overcoming the frustration of having to lose full working days to attend an on-site/off-site training programme with no real business outcome.

Learning that can be attributed to CPD/PDP programmes with certification

Enabling you to directly attribute learning programmes to CPD or Personal Development Plans (PDP) with the ability to measure and evidence the progress/improvement with certification.
CPD certified Training

What type of businesses Are most likely to benefit from these training programmes?

The Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing is focused on developing marketing competency for the B2B industry; for businesses of all sizes on client side or agency side. This includes:

Large businesses/ multinational corporations with B2B marketing operations

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating in B2B markets

Micro businesses operating in B2B markets (i.e. fewer than 10 employees)

B2B marketing agencies of all sizes






Years Experience

Account Based Marketing

1 hour Introduction to ABM fundamentals

Account Based Marketing Essential

Comprehensive 10 hour self- service ABM e-learning

Account Based Marketing Excel

Comprehensive 10 hour
ABM e-learning with 3 coaching support sessions

Account Based Marketing Elite

Comprehensive 10 hour 
ABM e-learning with 7 coaching support sessions


All our training course purchases are risk-free, as we offer a full moneyback guarantee on all our e-learning programmes