Strategic Business Planning Elite Course

On innovative B2B Strategic Business Planning e-learning course with coaching support that develops competency and delivers a credible and actionable strategic plan.

Strategic Business Planning in B2B - Elite

This programme builds on the Essential and Excel programmes and is designed to ensure credible deliverables are produced as an outcome at the end of the programme, along with an evidence of improvement in strategic business planning competency. The ‘Strategic Business Planning in B2B – Elite programme’ includes 9 one-to-one online coaching sessions between you and an experienced B2B marketing professional to coach you through the different learning modules and the development of the final deliverables.

The programme structure requires you to commit your time and effort to learn about the different B2B marketing and strategic business planning concepts and to undertake the scenario based assessments. These assessments require analytical thinking and application of knowledge gained. Furthermore there are structured activities to be competed in each module. These activities are focused on developing key elements of your strategic business plan as part of the learning module.



Guided Learning hours

14.5 HOURS

If you believe that you value would the extra support of 9 coaching sessions, you may find that ‘Strategic Business Planning in B2B – Elite programme’ would be suitable for you. You can have a coaching session at the end of each of the 9 learning modules to answer any questions you may have about the learning content, to clarify the concepts and to review progress of your strategic plan. As part of the Elite programme your benchmarking scores are validated independently. The combination of extensive coaching, validated benchmarks and reviewed credible outcome will qualify you for a Certificate of Competency.

We would recommend that you choose the programme that supports your learning style, the level of support you may need and the quality of output the business needs from this programme.

Learning Objectives:

Our e-learning programmes include templates and toolkits you will use during the programme as part of the structured activities. As a result our programmes have been optimised for desktop and laptop use. The content has been tested to operate on iOS and Android devices, although we do not recommend this option for undertaking the learning programme.

What is my total cost? €1900*

* VAT or Digital Tax may apply depending on your location

course content author

The content of this Strategic Business Planning programme has been authored by Ray Clarke, a highly experienced business strategy and marketing professional in B2B. Ray has 25 years of experience in the B2B industry, working in senior management roles in both client and agency side. As a business & marketing strategy consultant, he has advised on and developed strategic business plans for organisations of all sizes, in multiple industry sectors, across the UK and Europe. This wealth of experience is demonstrated in the quality of the programme content and in the practical, outcome focused nature of the programme. The course content has been peer-reviewed by senior strategy consultants who also have both client side and agency side experience working with startups, SMEs and large multinational enterprises.